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Singer Repair
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Singer Repair

singer repairAfter years of sewing service, your high-quality Singer sewing machine may need a Singer repair to ensure it is up to the challenge of many more sewing projects on the horizon. As one of only six factory-authorized Singer warranty stations in the nation, the Sew Shop can assist you with any Singer repair your sewing machine might need.

There are many common issues that you may encounter with your sewing machine, including the following:
  • Looped Stitches
  • Upper or Lower Thread Breaks
  • Puckered Seams
  • Improper Fabric Feed
  • Skipped Stitching
  • Varying Stitch Lengths
  • Uneven Stitches
  • Jammed Bobbin Casing
  • Electrical or computerized sewing problems

Often carrying more Singer repair parts on-hand than the manufacturer, the Sew Shop carries the largest inventory of Singer repair parts.

The following are just a sample of the Singer repair parts, the Sew Shop carries:
  • Singer Bobbins
  • Singer Winder Parts
  • Singer Bobbin Cases
  • Singer cords and Controls
  • Singer Gears
  • Singer Light Bulbs
  • Singer Needle Plates
  • Singer Slide Plates
  • Singer Sewing Machine Design Cams
  • Singer Sewing Machine Belts
  • Singer Spool Pins, Caps and Thread Guides
  • Singer Serger Parts

Read more about our Singer repair parts on our Parts, Repairs and Services page.

Knowing the production date of your Singer sewing machine is often the key to finding the right Singer repair parts. Consult our helpful Date Your Singer Sewing Machine Chart to make finding the right Singer repair part that much easier.

Your Singer sewing machine is your partner in all of your sewing projects. Maximize it's already stellar reliability with a service agreement from the Sew Shop. Don't wait until years of service suddenly prevents your Singer sewing machine from finishing your latest sewing project. The Sew Shop can maintain the dependability you've come to expect from your Singer sewing machine with any Singer repair before the unthinkable happens to your sewing fabric.

Visit any one of the Sew Shop's local sewing centers for details on our Singer repair service agreement plans. You can also contact us using the form below or call us at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, we do accept sewing machine shipments for repair. Contact us for details.

Discover more about our Singer Featherweight machines and our other Singer machine product lines.

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